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Frequently asked questions about the DocuBizz Cloud Service

Q: Is the DocuBizz service a portal or a homepage?

A: No, DocuBizz is a real application delivered over the internet. It will look and feel the same as applications running on your own servers.

Q: Do I own the data stored in the DocuBizz Cloud and can I download and keep a copy on my own server?

A: You own your data. You can, at any time, download a full copy of your invoice database directly from your DocuBizz client and store a copy locally.

Q: I have users that need to approve or look up invoices who are not licensed on my ERP/Bookkeeping system. Can they be included in DocuBizz?

A: Yes, you can have DocuBizz users that are not licensed on your ERP.  No need to buy more ERP user licenses. Most of our clients have more DocuBizz users than ERP  users.

Q: Can I change my ERP/bookkeeping package and still keep DocuBizz?

A: Yes. We will upgrade you to the DocuBizz Edition tailored for your new ERP. You can keep your existing invoice database in your new DocuBizz Edition.

Q: Does DocuBizz work under MS Terminal Server and Citrix?

A: Yes. DocuBizz runs under both. No problem.

Q: Where is my critical bookkeeping data stored when I use DocuBizz?

A: Like today, your critical bookkeeping data is stored in your ERP/Bookkeeping package. An additional copy is now available in DocuBizz.

Q: Where are the digital copies of my supplier invoices stored when I use DocuBizz?

A: We store the digital copies of your supplier invoices in a state of the art, high security datacenter with on and off site backup. In addition, you are free to download an additional copy to be stored at your own site.

Q: How long do you store the digital copy of my supplier invoices when I use DocuBizz?

A: When you use DocuBizz, we will keep a digital copy of your supplier invoices on-line for a minimum of 10 years.

Q: Do I need to invest in a scanning system, or a specific scanner to use DocuBizz?

A: No. You can use an exsisting scanner or MFP. You do not need a seperate scanning system. If you do not have a scanning device, ask us for recommendations.

Q: Can my supplier email a PDF invoice directly into my DocuBizz?

A: Yes. You will get a dedicated email address for your DocuBizz service to receive invoices directly. No printing or scanning is nessesary.